Unique ID Project – Aadhar Card

About the Project: Aadhar, as the Unique ID project is now branded, is a central mission mode project aimed at creating a national citizen database. First conceptualized in 2003 under the NDA rule as a project aimed at tightening security and immigration. But the UID Authority of today was approved in November 2008 by an Empowered Group of Ministers during UPA rules, with a totally different objective: to help accelerate the process of economic inclusion, the most important political agenda item of the UPA. Since Nandan Nilekani took over the chairmanship of the Authority in July last year, thing have moved very fast and the first pair of numbers are likely in order to issued by October on a pilot basis. While the particular issuing would start from February, in the next five years, it offers issue some 600 mn such numbers. Operating today under the planning commission, in July, the government brought National Identification Authority of India Bill, 2010 to make the UID Authority a statutory muscles.

Outlay: The government has so far allocated Rs 7,000 crore for there’s no need ID project, of that your significant part would pay a visit to IT. In July there were reports that more than 50% budget has been cut by the government, which the finance ministry later denied. The FY11 budget has a provision for Rs 1,900 crore for the project. As well the money spent using the UID Authority, the registrarsso far a few state governments, oil marketing companies, and banks have signed MoUs with Uidai Status to the registrars will spend some money on enrollment agencies. So, the overall spend attached to it on account of Unique ID would be far more than what the Authority itself would spend. Essential contract value of the IT projects that Authority would award in first phase is likely to cross Rs 1,000 crore.

IT Contracts Awarded: In this short-time special ID Authority has already selected several IT suppliers. The first contract the applications development and maintenance contract priced at Rs 20-25 crore joined in MindTree. Tony horton created followed using the call center partner contract, which Intelenet, India’s No 2 domestic BPO firm parcelled up. More recently, the authority announced how the biometric solutions contract recently been distributed among three consortia one led by Accenture with Mindtree and biometric provider of Daon of Ireland; one a consortium of Mahindra Satyam and French-based Morpho (Safran group), and one a consortium led by US-based L1 Identity Solutions and Hewlett-Packard India. Together, the contracts are estimated to be Rs 200 crore foremost. While these are officially announced, sources say Bharti Airtel is selected as the provider of knowledge center treatments. And TCS has apparently been selected to create its web. The two big parts the managed services provider that is estimated pertaining to being between Rs 500 crore to Rs 1,000 crore would be awarded anytime soon, mainly because the bidding is on.